Romantic European capital with its charming canals, is an amazing city with its art, its culture but also by the hospitality of its inhabitants.


Amsterdam is a charming and amazing city at every point of its architecture, its culture and its inhabitants. Let allure by its narrow streets and its canals that intertwine. Many groups of friends or families circulate in boat while taking aperitif or coffee to enjoy their city peacefully. So do the same and you will feel a certain wellness, rare in a city environment.
Then lose yourself in the Jordaan quarter, artistic district of the city and admire the facades of houses beautifully decorated with a remarkable beauty. Take the opportunity to do the Lindenmarket taking place the whole day on Saturday and taste local and typical products. Very quickly you will feel a local resident.
Rent a bicycle to get around more easily, because here everything is made to ride with a 2 wheels, and head to the Pijp quarter, more popular. Enjoy the good humor and warmth welcome of its inhabitants. Do not hesitate to go to the bakery to restore you or in cafes and restaurants that abound. You will share certainly the table with other locals and do not be surprised if they engage the conversation and exchange with you. They are open, curious and very tolerant.
On the other hand, go in the museum district, more middle-class, to admire these sumptuous mansions which some art deco are unique. Then extend your walk in the “Vondelpark” where you can picnic or just relax. You will feel a certain serenity and tranquility that exist in this place as well as throughout the city.
Of course, the Van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum, located nearby, are unavoidable. 
Old town is also to be seen, but it is very touristic, so I recommend you to visit then go away, for a lunch break and continue your stroll.
It is a relaxing city break await you in Amsterdam. So nice city trip!!!






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