London, a cosmopolitan city par excellence, has continued to absorb influences of its immigrants while keeping its British heart.


Of course, London is indissociable of the Queen, therefore go on her steps beginning with the Westminster Abbey, then stroll in St James' S Park and ending with the Buckingham Palace, the Royal stables and Queen's gallery. Regain Trafalgar Square and its majestic bronze lions. You will have a sight on Whitehall extending to Big Ben. Finally, admire the Banqueting House and join the Parliament Sq and the Houses of Parliament dominated by Big Ben.

Get away from the side of Tower Hill and take the Tower bridge. Enjoy magnificient view of the Thames and walk along the river to finish in the modern art museum Tate Modern. Do not hesitate to climb the tower The Shard, the tallest tower in Europe, for a breathtaking view of London.

Finally stroll through Soho, Chinatown, or, more to the east, in Shoreditch, famous for the street art and make a stop at the various markets such as Brick Lane to taste all the cuisines of the world.

On shopping side, of course Oxford Street is unavoidable but the Shoreditch shops are more original and try the next to Brick Lane for tat.

Effervescent city as well the day as the night that will amaze you with its wealth.





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