Madrid Metropolis

Madrid is a city that combines both of amazing art galleries, a lively nightlife with its famous tapas bars and excels in the art of living life.


Start with the Plaza Mayor with its arches and its terraces then head to Plaza de Oriente with its garden. Let go side of Puerta del Sol and the streets of Santa Ana and Lavapies district, oldest part of Madrid. You can soak up the typical Spanish atmosphere with these many tapas bars on small places. There are also major art galleries in this district such as Helga de Alvear.

Take a ride on the side of the San Fernando market, which is an authentic food market. Go to the Reine Sofia museum which houses one of the masterpieces of Picasso, Guernica and then relax in the Retiro large park with an area of 130 ha. It is the green lung of the capital and you can go boating on the lake under the indifferent eyes of the king Alphonse XI.

Then visit the unavoidable museum of the city, the Prado Museum, where you will admire the masterpieces of Spanish and European painting in particular Vélasquez, Goya.

Arriving the evening, enjoy the Movida Madrileña in the district of Malasana or Chueca for a drink, some tapas and eat a traditional dish.

In the morning I suggest you test the chocolateria serving thick hot chocolate with churros. Hearty breakfast guaranteed !!

It is a travel of authentic encounters where you rub shoulders with all the generations that easily blend into the Spanish festive atmosphere.






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