Porto will seduce you both by its greed, its picturesque side and its relaxed lifestyle along the Douro river.


A break in Porto will charm you with its beautiful narrow streets with colourful facades of houses. You can avoid busy streets like Rua das Flores, and move away a little from the area of the old city, La Ribeira (a UNESCO heritage). Lose yourself in less frequented streets like Rua do Pinheiro where you can stay for example.
The Galeria de Paris with its atmosphere of Northern Europe is a street where there are local restaurants and shops. Feel free to taste the delicious Portuguese pastries in Confeitaria, kinds of teashops.

Make a city break in Porto is also wine tasting. So you have two options, visit the main renowned cellars with its influx of tourists in Vila Nova de Gaia, or you take the direction of the market and you will taste the wine on stools surrounded by fruit and vegetable stalls and local talking.
Porto is a lively city full of best place to taste the local charcuterie, traditional dishes and of course pastries as in Mercearia das Flores, the Leitaria of Beixa for its exquisite chocolate cake. Other restaurants and cafes will delight you with their scents.
Do not hesitate to push the door of the shops: a vida portuguesa is a shop full of charm.

Visit São Bento station, with its large frescoes of Azulejos depicting scenes of everyday life or the history of Portugal. In a place full of greenery and quietness, go to the garden of the Crystal Palace. Located upright, it offers a magnificent view over Vila Nova da Gaia and the Douro.
See also the iconic bridge Ponte Dom Luis I that connects Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia.

On culture side, go to the Soares dos Reis Museum of Porto, settled in the Carrares palace, dating from the 18th century. This museum exhibits paintings and sculptures from the Portuguese 19th and 20th centuries and other works from the 16th to 18th century.

This city break will delight you with its peacefulness, the walks in the narrow streets and along the river while enjoying the Portuguese flavours.






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