Islande road trip

It is an island with an astonishing wealth of natural landscapes in permanent evolution and ancestral Viking culture.


Arrived at Reykjavik, land of fire and ices, stroll for the day along the harbor and around the lake and visit some monuments present in the city.

Then towards the golden circle where you will be able to admire the national park, geysers as well as the waterfalls that make this place magic. Discover the Reykjanes peninsula which is a true desert with its black sand and its mountains, ocher color. A turquoise water lake you finish filling in this geothermal area where the fumes leave an atmosphere of end of the world.

Do not miss the Landmannalaugar valley which is one of the most spectacular areas of Iceland with its multi-colors going from black to red through blue. You enter a dream world of sulfur and lava. You have the feeling of being on another planet.

The municipality of Vik and its neighbourhoods are just as beautiful with its waterfalls and its excursions on glacier.

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