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Unique destination for summer combining culture , nature and beaches in crystal clear waters.


In the south, discovering the Bay of Kotor and its cities


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They form a bay composed of several deep inner gulfs.
The most important is that of Tivat with a small harbor and the remains of a Benedictine monastery. It is a place of considerable boating activity.

In the part near the sea is the Gulf of Herceg Novi. It is a lush city with exotic vegetation and botanical gardens. It is an inspiration for many writers and painters. The old town has an excellent local market and buildings from various periods including the Convent of Saint Sava known for his garden.

Further inland from the bay lies the town of Perast where many homes of famous sailor families from the 14th are preserved. Opposite is a small island with a Benedictine monastery from the 12th century and on a close artificial island,  the church of Our Lady of Skrpjela which contains a rich collection of votive plates.

Finally Kotor town surrounded by ramparts, has a medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage of the great epochs of the Mediterranean territory. This makes a city declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Do not miss the Cathedral of St. Triphon, originally a Roman basilica, has undergone renovations with the forms of the Renaissance and Baroque style. It contains a rich treasure furniture and artistic works from Kotor.

Between sightseeing, take a relaxing break in Herceg Novi or in the Rose village, in front for a swim in the clear waters.

The southern cities of the Adriatic

Budva is one of the oldest towns on the Montenegrin coast. Visit the old town and its walls and continue to the beautiful peninsula of Sveti Stefan. This town is very lively and touristic one day is enough.

Further south, the town of Bar has a rich cultural and ethnographic heritage with a mix of diverse cultures and religious specificities. This is on the 12th century that the first work of literary importance has been published. It became a center for contemporary art and cultural events.

near the Albanian border, is a city reflecting the remains of the Greek construction and the transition to Islam. It inspired the famous Spanish writer Cervantes, author of the novel Don Quixote. It is considered to be both very Eastern and Western.


Skadar Lake and its national park

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It is located on the border between Albania and Montenegro and it is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. It can be visited in small traditional boat. You can discover the largest reserve of European birds, hike and walk the small fishing villages. This is an ideal place for fishing enthusiasts. So a real breath of Nature !!
Also visit the monasteries of Balšić Dynasty such as those on the island of Beška, Starčevo and Moracnik.
With cyclings tours you can admire the landscape and observe the flora and fauna of the park.
In this region, there is great wealth of wine-producing such as Plantaze wine. Wine tastings at the producers can be planned with local culinary specialties.
One of the oldest red wines Vranac was produced in this region. There are also very good white wine, Krstac, you accompany with excellent local fish.
After this gastronomic break towards the north through very prestigious monasteries.


Ostrog Monastery

It is a gathering place for members belonging to the Orthodox, Islamic and Catholic denominations. Recessed into the cavity of a natural cave, the monastery is impressive and remains the most important center of religious pilgrimage in Montenegro.


Morača Monastery

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Dating from the 13th century, in the tradition of Byzantine building, it has unique frescoes with great refinement and color definitions.


In the north, the Kolašin region

The town of Kolasin is a family winter sports resort and in summer, it is the starting point to visit the Biogradska Gora National Park. It offers walkings around lakes in one of the last primeval forests in Europe.


Tara Canyon

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It is the 2nd longest and deepest in the world with up to 82km and 1300m deep. In the canyon is the Tara river, whose power and turquoise are surprising.
You can practice rafting in summer with quieter waters, and admire the vegetation, dense, emerald green. Do not forget to see the dizzying Djurdjevica Tara bridge.


The National Park region of Durmitor

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Zabljak is a ski resort in winter. In summer, it offers many activities, climbing through rafting on the Tara River. The small town is located in a broad valley surrounded by the impressive mountains of Durmitor.

Close to it, you have the Black Lake "Crno Jezero". It is separated into two parts (Malo Jezero" little lake "and Veliko Jezero" Great Lake ") connected by a narrow strait, which dries up in the summer to become two lakes. The shores look like a beach and it is very pleasant to walk. There is even a hiking trail in order to make a round. You will be surrounded by mountains with lush vegetation where there reigns exceptional silence.
These glacial lakes are 18 of them in the Durmitor. So you will enjoy the nature and the mild climate with walks and swimming.


 Pivsko Lake

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This lake is completely artificial and dazzles you with its color. It is the largest fresh water reservoir in Europe and it is 45km long. In summer you can enjoy boating, swimming from the town on the lake, Plužine, but also climbing with great views and fishing for enthusiasts.
Consider visiting the monastery of Piva, right next to admire the frescoes from the 17th century and are the work of the most famous masters of Byzantine art. It has many ecclesiastical items and unique religious books.

So a stay of nature and culture await you in Montenegrin country while enjoying excellent local products !!





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