Pointe des Châteaux

Archipelago on the arc of the little Antilles, its people, its fauna, flora and its many small islands will amaze you.



First a Grande-Terre visit with these beautiful white sand beaches on the side of St. Anne as the Caravelle beach seduce you. But if you want a wilder place, go towards St. François direction Pointe des châteaux and you will see the Gourde beach and that of the Salines a magical beauty with indescribable turquoise water !!!
After a day of beaches in the area, go to the Pointe des châteaux for an exceptional panorama of the whole Guadeloupe. You will see a steep hill on one side and the other of the sandbanks.

In St. François go to the Rotonde market where you can buy local products and particularly on Tuesday evening the night market is full of Creole dishes. A real delight !!!
For those who like fish, do not hesitate to make a round p to the Pêcherie des îles fishery on the fishing port. The fish is ultra fresh and local.
Other fishery in Saint Anne, Medy Poisson, it is a family business where the fish is very fresh.

Then direction Basse-Terre, most mountainous and steep where you will discover black sand beaches on the side of Deshaies and ocher beaches like the anse de la Perle. You will be charmed by this place: mixture of golden and turquoise colors. This beach is surrounded by great Lolos (small huts offering typical local cuisine).

A National Park visit must see with an impressive fauna and flora. Do not hesitate to go to the Paradise Waterfall by putting on your sneakers, less touristy than the Crayfish Waterfall and you can enjoy a quiet, swim in a crystal clear pool surrounded by unspoilt nature.

Visit the Guadeloupe it's also an escape to the many islands.
So towards the Saintes island, a peace atmosphere in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Starting from St. Francois, count 2 hours by boat because there is a stop on the Desirade island or otherwise leave Trois-Rivières located in Basse-Terre and you will have only 20 minutes crossing.
An advice is to stay overnight to enjoy the tranquility of the place after the departure of all the shuttles. You will be amazed by the Pain de sucre beach, very small, but beautiful. Feel free to snorkel to observe wildlife in authentic submarine fauna. Another beach, the Pompierre, larger and surrounded by coconut palms and mangroves, is protected from the wind and has a lagoon with crystal clear turquoise waters.

Other islands reputed for its unique fauna is Petite-Terre. This is a nature reserve with two islands but only one is accessible. Then you can swim with turtles, rays, lemon sharks and other marine curiosities. It is a paradise on earth. Take a walk also to discover the great diversity of iguanas that compose them (more than 12000). This day trip with barbecue will delight you.

Also made a trip to the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin where you cross the mangroves before reaching the bay, which is a remarkable interior with its biodiversity. You will discover large areas of herbariums which act as a nursery for many species of fishes and shellfishes. Starfishes that you observe are unique. A stop on the Biche island for lunch with barbecue in the water is magical. You are in another world then towards the Caret island, sandbank busy but which nonetheless beautiful. This island should disappear within 2 years due to the mobility of sand banks. So enjoy quickly!!!

For these 2 unique excursions, I advise you to live the experience with, skippers are very professional and you have a friendly lunch secured by grilled fresh, homemade products.

So put your feet in water in Guadeloupe for its warm hospitality and the beauty of its landscapes.





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