Pouilles du sud

Beautiful region in the south of Italy with authentic nature, culture and art of living between Mediterranean sea and Adriatic.


The Salento region located in south of Puglia at the Italian "boot's heel" is a strip of land sandwiched between two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea: from Porto Cesario sand beaches to rocky coasts from Otranto to Santa Maria Leuca.
First, a stop in the baroque city of Lecce is a must. Also called the Southern Florence, the old town has kept a majestic beauty, with Piazza Duomo, Santa Croce Basilica (seeing the illuminated night), Palazzo del Seggio, its amphitheatres and its cobbled streets where it is nice to lose.
Then towards the Adriatic coast to Otranto, Castro and at the end Santa Maria di Leuca. There you will find a steep coast with its deep blue creeks and palaces overlooking the coast. You will stop for a swim and drink a spritz Aperol late in the day at sunset as is customary.
Arrival in Santa Maria di Leuca, holiday resort of the Italian bourgeoisie in the 19th century, you will walk along the promenade by the sea while admiring the sumptuous residences dating period.
A further inland were not lacking the typical villages of the region, wasteland during the day, as Presicce, Specchia, Tricase (famous for the ceramics) and go up to Gallipoli to discover its fish market, its old town and enjoy inked octopus carpaccio, oysters, mackerel ...
More to the North, go to relax in Porto Selvaggio natural park with paths that lead directly to creeks with clear water.
On the east north, go to discover Polignano a Mare, originally walled city where the walls were transformed into housing. Go inland to discover the white villages with their flowered balconies with thousand colors as Locorotondo.
So, the southern Puglia and Salento delight you with the culinary experiences, the beauty of its landscapes of olive trees and its villages where time has stopped.






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