Red Rock Canyon

Parks in the American west are the most spectacular where young and old will enjoy a unique adventure in the heart of farwest.


This is a great destination with children to discover incredible landscapes, open spaces and wildlife in the land of cowboys.

First of all, go to Zion National Park (Utah) and spend there, one night to be in the middle of nature. You will find yourself in the middle of coyotes, deers, stags and fawns. A magic experience!! Feel the atmosphere of farwest by going to Jackson (Wyoming) see the rodeos, launched lasso and the saloons.

Then down the Colorado rafting in Moab (Utah) in summer (the current is not strong) and you will see stunning panoramas. Take in stride the Lake Powell (Arizona, Utah) surrounded by canyons and rocks with red colors. Water activities abound and you can picnic at the water's edge.

Continue to Yellowstone National Park where you will see incredible natural geysers and many animals. Continue towards Bryce Canyon and stroll in the gorges (for children being at least 6 years old). Then, visit the cave dwellings, in Mesa Verde, carved into the cliff, where Indian tribes lived. Finally, towards Antelope Canyon to wander the gorges, carved into the sandstone by water and wind, with lunar color palettes.

It is a travel through time among breathtaking landscapes!!!






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