Andalusia break for Spring festivities in Seville to enjoy with family or friends of the Sevillian atmosphere.


Holy week from March 20th till 27th

Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, all Spain is celebrating. In Seville, the tradition of Holy Week is especially high: no fewer than 52 brotherhoods roam the rhythm of processions singing, weeping, worshiping the Virgin of Hope and Jesus of great power , wood carvings.
Nearly 50 000 people wear the robes to parade in the 58 organized processions, while the "costaleros" (porters) carry the pasos (religious statues) on their backs. Every day there are processions in the afternoon and evening for a week.

Each brotherhood goes out of its church and establish its own route, but they must all take the "carrera official section", which begins in the Campana street and ends with the release of the brotherhood of the cathedral. After abandoning the cathedral, the procession returns to the church via a different route. In processions, it is especially affecting to hear the saetas: these are flamenco songs that people sing a cappella from their balconies, in honor of the religious images.

The night of Good Friday is the highlight of Holy Week in Seville. It was this night that leave some of the most venerated images, such as Jesús del Gran Poder, the Macarena, Esperanza de Triana or the Cristo de los Gitanos.

It is possible to attend a procession from any point on its route, except for the part of the 'carrera oficial ". In this area, chairs and stands are planned to watch the passage of the brotherhoods. You will find all the routes and schedules of processions on this site.



 April Fair from April 12th till 17th

For a week, music, food and dancing are honored to create a party with a very special atmosphere.
Over a thousand casetas mounted in the enclosure of the Feria become the second home of the inhabitants of the city: a place to meet and have fun in good company until late in the night.

The party begins at midnight on Monday with the "prueba del alumbrado": the lighting of thousands of colored lights of the fair and the main door, which reaches almost 50 meters high and is different every year.
Formed by several partners, the caseta is a family space where offer his friends, his parents and his guests typical products of land, and wine, but also singing and dancing Sevillanas. People also dancing in the street, and the open mind of inhabitants invites all passersby to join the party. You should know that most casetas are private and which are accessed only by invitation of a partner or acquaintance. But others are public and can be enter freely. The information office, located at the entrance of the feria, you tell them.

People are dressed in typical Andalusian dress: the men, the traditional costume of the region, and women wear flamenco or gypsy one. During the day, the fair is filled with hundreds of horsewomen, horsemen and decorated horse carriages. This is the paseo de caballos (horse ride).
Near the feria wall, is the Calle del Infierno: a play area bustling, containing a host of attractions for young and old, and stands to get a drink or snack.

This festival is also characterized by its bullfights. Every afternoon, the crowd presses in the Maestranza bullring to watch the bullfight. So please refer to the saling places and the bullfighting program here.

Finally, after a week of festivities on Sunday at midnight, an impressive show of fireworks concludes the April Fair until the following year.






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