Break time for a long weekend in the Serbian capital nicknamed "the Barcelona of the East" at the confluence of diverse cultures.


One of the oldest cities in Europe between Central Europe and the Balkans, it is located at the confluence of various cultures such as the Ottoman East, the Austrian Europe and Slavic civilization. You will surprise by its cultural, heritage, and architectural identity and its party spirit.
Go to the Kalemegdan Fortress dominating the Danube and Sava. It was in Belgrade the first military bastion and became a park in the 19th century and is a unique museum of the history of Belgrade.

The Kalemegdan features a restaurant Kalemegdanska terasa for restoring and relaxing with an exceptional view of the two rivers.
Go through the pedestrian Knez Mihailova Street. This is one of the oldest and most valuable places of the city, with impressive architecture of its buildings constructed in the late 19th century. Today is the shopping street and the heart of business.

Then visit the New Belgrade (Novi Beograd) and Zemun, district full of history on the other side of the Sava River.
Enjoy the many bars and restaurants in the area as the restaurant Splav Amphora riverside to enjoy local cuisine or enjoy a drink at Splav coco to see the sunset and talk with locals.


On cultural side with the Sveti Sava Orthodox temple or Saborna Crkva Cathedral, the capital shows influences of both Eastern and Western. Of course you also have the Nikola Tesla Museum, Contemporary Art Museum and the National Theater.
Belgrade, city of culture, incentives and temptations ..., city of sports and leisure facilities, it is also the city of festivals and music. It is the city with the best nightlife and entertainment in Europe, which is an inexhaustible energy source with an undeniable power of seduction.

At night the city comes alive, the roof café along the Skadarlija street, next to the Square of the Republic, the center of bohemian life, are filled. Often compared with Montmartre because of its appearance and a vibrant and creative atmosphere that prevails there. Mecca of gluttony with its many ethnic restaurants which offer to enjoy traditional Serbian cuisine. Along the Sava and the Danube banks, the Belgrade Youth is found on barges, "splavovi" (small barges), with the music sound, especially on the Zemun quay.

At the edge of the huge lake "Ada Ciganlija" with its peninsula on the Sava, was developed a relaxation and sports complex. Several beaches greet holidaymakers in summer. An oasis of greenery and freshness, Ada Ciganlija traditionally offers swimming and all kinds of sports.
This is a city that will charm you by its atmosphere and know that English is widely practiced. So welcome in Serbia for a long week-end!!!!






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