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Donostia or Saint-Sebastien is a culinary gem, capital of the “pintxos” or Basque tapas, which is surrounded by great names in gastronomy (Pedro Martin).


First, go to the old city to discover its cobbled streets with its Basque tapas bars. Set for some on slices of bread with piquillo and, for others served hot or cold in small ration, you will be overhelmed by the flavors. These pintxos are usually in self-service on the counter and, a plate will be provided to serve you while enjoying a Basque cider. For other tapas specialties, it must be ordered directly and set them like a dish. 

Thus you will be able to taste white bonito served with small green peppers (not spicy) or shrimp with Espelette pepper sauce like in Ganbara bar in the old district. A delight!!! You can also test hake skewers or marinated cod with sweet pepper or even with Iberian pig like in Atari Gastroteka. If you're more prime rib grilled over a wood fire or chuleta in Spanish , go to Nestor bar, an institution that serves until 2am .

Of course, the pork-butchery such as serrano or pata negra ham (a little more expensive but excellent) is also in the spotlight.

Fish and seafood restaurants, very famous, are located along the marina to enjoy other typical dishes such as Koskera hake with vegetables and shellfishes.

In Gros district, less touristic and more authentic, you will also find excellent tapas bars and great restaurants. The Bergara bar serves hot and cold tapas and very creative pintxos , real works of art. The Atari bar is more traditional with wooden tables and preparation of regional specialties like txangurro , stuffed crab.

On the hills above the Concha bay , test the restaurant Asador Alaia and especially the paella dish where you have a breathtaking view .

So, it is a flavor travel through seafoods and Basque pork-butchery which are waiting you. 





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