Musée Guggenheim

Bilbao is a city where coexist traditions with folklores and modernism with the Guggenheim museum.


The Guggenheim museum designed by Frank Gehry is the unavoidable museum of the city rich in cultural and architectural heritage. Its curved shapes make it an amazing place moreover, exhibitions that are presented like Monumenta. The Museum of Fine Arts not far, consists of two buildings, one built in 1945 and the other in 1960 houses the second collection of art work in Spain after the Prado Museum in Madrid and, finally, the Maritime Museum where beautiful works of art are preserved there.

In the old city, admire through the houses, cobbled streets, the 500-year reflecting history the intense commercial and port activity that made the city grow. It served as a bridge between Northern Europe and the Hispanic kingdoms.

Stroll the Ribera market, in a pure Art Deco style. It is a meeting place for locals and you will find your happiness as regards gastronomy there. A forthcoming article will be dedicated there in culinary experiences.

Relax on the Plaza Nueva, which is the square place of neoclassic style with its arches and its caves around where you can eat.

Other more recent monuments, such as Foral library, is a pure marvel especially at night when it is illuminated.

This trip to Bilbao will enchant you by its cultural variety between past and present.





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