Les invalides Paris

Paris has an unparalleled cultural heritage with the emergence of new artists.


Start in Paris with principal museums the first time is an option, but you can also switch between the internationally renowned museums and galleries thus offering a wide range of art work from painting to photography through the fashion.

Go to the Louvre museum will take you the day, otherwise the art galleries allow to enjoy the cultural richness of Paris. Discover for example Daniel Templon gallery near Beaubourg, Michel Rein gallery near place des Vosges, Perrotin gallery Turenne street and Yvon Lambert gallery in Marais district. Also take advantage to see the mansions with French garden as Carnavalet museum or Gustave Moreau museum.

You can also walk along the Seine banks by foot or bike and have a perspective of the most beautiful monuments of Paris. Stop at the Orsay museum overlooking the quays and take a break in the tearoom that is unique or visit the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

Like any capital city, cultural events are numerous, so feel free to make an overview of what happens during your stay. You will get another vision of art and you will feel closer to Parisian life. For example, during the summer period, the outdoor cinema of Paris la Villette is an opportunity to enrich your own film culture and to share this moment with the local city-dweller. These are authentic experiences that allow you to fully experience Paris through the culture.

Of course the Eiffel Tower is unavoidable the day to get a wonderful view or at night  to see sparkling.

Your travel in museums of Paris, but also, through local cultural events will experience the magic of Paris!!






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