Bansko fin de journée

Bulgaria is the ideal place for nature lovers and winter sports.


The winter sports resorts have excellent infrastructures with good snow from December to late spring.

The nearest station of Sofia, Vitosha is very accessible since you can reach the station with a cable car from Sofia. It has huge ski areas and tracks with powder snow. You can also give you the night of skiing, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and admire the illuminated city with a breathtaking night view. Otherwise, enjoy the spa resorts in Sofia for total relaxation after a day of skiing.

The Bansko resort is one of the most popular in the country (150km from Sofia). The ski area is 75 km and you can also practice night skiing. A fun park and half pipe are available for the most hardened.
Within minutes, the cabins lead travellers from the heart of the town of Bansko to Banderishka polyiana, another ski area.
Its village has a unique atmosphere and is located next to the Pirin National Natural Park where you can enjoy snowshoeing, cross country skiing and other winter sports. Bansko is also known for its mineral waters so take advantage of spa resorts.

Borovets is the oldest Bulgarian resort of winter sports. It is located 70 km from Sofia. It is very popular with local and has nearly 58km of tracks. The resort has a snow park for children, which offers activities for them, and courses of specialized skiing.

Pamporovo is a family resort less lively than Bansko with a beautiful village. Located 260 km from Sofia, most trails start at the highest point of the mountain. Conditions are good for beginners as for confirmed. Snowboarders can as well enjoy the tracks as the half-pipe. Practice night skiing is also feasible as well as cross-country or snowshoe hiking which is very pleasant to enjoy the scenery. There is another station around like Chepelare, town fully dedicated to the ski.

So enjoy your thirst of snow in Bulgarian country!!






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