Oman et ses palmeraies

A long time unknown country, the Sultanate of Oman will seduce you with the beauty of its colors, its nature and its inhabitants.


From Mascate, you will discover the Arabian sea with its unique corals and its dolphins, its majestic Great Mosque share its parts, the old traditional souk and, admire the Palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. Stroll along the coast road and get to the Al Bustan Palace to end your day at the beach in a refinement of the most spectacular of the Middle East.

Take direction South to discover the fishing villages as Qurayat and Sur made famous with their horse market and the beautiful white sand beaches with turquoise waters. Feel free to relax in different wadis around to admire the canyons.

Discover the magic of the Wahiba desert and to meet the Bedouins to share briefly the ancestral lifestyle of their people.

The mountainous regions of Jebel Al Akdhar and Jebel Shams are splendid and spectacular with its roseries and palm groves like Birkat Al Mouz and Misfah. The canyons take your breath away. The mountainside villages transport you beyond time and walks let you enjoy the nature around you. Make a round to Nizwa to visit its authentic souk. 

This travel will amaze you by its cultural richness and its undamaged nature.





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