Carnaval de Nice

Carnival full of color with chariots of Flower Parades, costumes and parades.


The origins

ime of the Middle Ages, the people of Nice, before fasting for 40 days, according to the Catholic tradition of Lent, enjoyed a rich and hearty cuisine. This festive period was accompanied by a series of events: balls, masquerades, dances, twirls, bonfires, various exhibitions. It was also a time for mocking everything and all at the expense of everyone, hidden behind masks, protected by disguises and until Mardi Gras.

In 1873, Andriot Saetone from Nice founded the "Festival Committee" which was responsible for organizing and expanding the festivities. Processions of chariots, paying stands, structured staging ... appeared.



These are giant and colorful parades which take place day or night, animated by more than 1,000 musicians and dancers from around the world.
A parade of 18 chariots or corso will tell the story of "King of Media". The theme will be given by collaborator designers of major international newspapers, privileged witnesses of their time, artists with a master of the local culture, creative agency and some revelers.

On the Promenade des Anglais, elegant flower battles are a component of the carnival not to be missed. Each chariot decorated with the finest floral arrangements, costumed mannequins launch 80-100000 flowers to the public. This is real floral festival.

The emblematic place of the Carnival is the Massena Place where corsi carnival gather for a loop around the Albert 1er garden. On the square, visual animations will be broadcast on large screens.
In the evening, all the chariots are lighted, corsi then illuminate the heart of Nice.


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