Gourmet region by excellence, it has many gastronomic gourmet brotherhoods to keep its culinary heritage.


To taste the culinary specialties such as seafood, head to the waterfront to Trouville to stop at the market and enjoy shrimps, lobsters and oysters with a glass of white wine. Ride along the coast and, in Dives-sur-mer, you will discover the covered markets dating from the Middle Ages with its typical products of the region: game, fowl and pork-butchery and also seafoods, cheese, fruits and vegetables. You will not be where to turn and at a more reasonable price than Deauville or Trouville.

I recommend you also if you want a more authentic atmospheres Cherbourg-Octeville at La Satrouille restaurant, guaranteed fresh fish in Blainville-sur-mer at La Cale restaurant, feet in the sand facing the Manche.

Stroll inland to taste the milk-based products such as milk cream used as jam and accompanied with apple pie. At Neufchâtel, try the quiche which is excellent and of course the world-famous Camembert.

Lastly, taste in Caen the tripe Caen mode, a dish that will delight your taste buds. 

This is a goumet travel that awaits you with good dishes cooked with butter or cream.





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