Scopello tonnarra

In the West between sandy beaches and cliffs, this wildest region is rich because of its culture and gastronomy.


From Cefalù, a small fishing village of fisherman nestled between the sea and a limestone promontory in Trapani, trading town since antiquity, you will be charmed by its authentic colors, its scents and its encounters.

There are Palermo and its eclectic beauty which preserved its charm of the past civilizations (ancient center of Arab authority over the island). Do not hesitate to wander in the historic center and to taste one of the typical dishes “the pastes with sardines”. In the surroundings, go to Cefalù to appreciate the charm of this small village and its busy bay by locals. Mondello is also a smarter seaside resort where you will see the lavish mansions of the area and its beautiful lively beach during the vacancies.

Further west, bathe near old tonneries of Scopello, San Vito Lo Capo in a crystal clear water and enjoy the creeks of the nature reserve of Zingaro. Then lose yourself in the medieval village of Erice where you will have a breathtaking panorama to arrive finally at Trapani with splendid monuments of various times. Discover also the Greek temples of Agrigento's side.

On the gastronomy side, inland, you have extensive olive groves and vineyards where you can taste the best wines of Sicily. Having major Italian fishing fleets, fish dishes reign supreme. Feel free to enjoy local specialty like fish couscous.

So take the time to explore this area for meetings and authentic flavors.





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